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Caps That Pull No Punches

There are “Pizza Cities.” There are “Beer Cities.” There are “Music Cities.” A lot of places have their specialties, but no city in the country — maybe even in the world — is more of a Storyteller City than Boston, Massachusetts.

Being able to tell a good head-turner is like a real sort of currency here. See a quiet dude at the bar with his buddies? Dollars to donuts he can’t time his punchlines right. Wonder what that ugly guy is doing with that good lookin’ girl over there? Bet you that man can spin a good yarn.

In fact, in Boston, storytelling is more than just currency. Here, it’s part of life itself. Here life is about making story-worthy decisions and then about telling those stories.

You sit at the dinner table on those bitter-cold January nights and you listen to your old man go on about his days on Cushing Street as a young punk. At first you didn’t realize it, but as you get a little older you see his tales are full of wit, candor, a little exaggeration. My father himself was very calculated in his delivery. I took on what I could of that. My brothers, too.

It ain’t a skill-set you just have. You develop it over time, you hone it into something worthwhile after hearing stories time and time again. Thanks to our old man, my brothers and I can sit up, drinking beer and telling our stories until the sun comes up. We live life to tell stories, a brother of mine says. And though he’s rarely right about anything, he’s right about that.

Boston Scally loves a good storyteller. And that’s why we’re going to ask you right now to tell us your best story. Doesn’t have to be about Boston (though of course we always love it) and doesn’t have to be about your cap, though bonus points for that. Anything you got. Send us a funny story. We’ll feature it on our blog, give you some credit, the whole shebang. Just hit me up with your best one at info.


The Boston Scally Team

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