Perfect for Collecting Cash 💵

Caps That Pull No Punches

Pass it around to collect cash

Not everybody has access to one of those long-handled straw basket dealies they use in church, alright? I don’t even know the first thing about where you’d get one of those if you wanted one.

When you’re taking up a collection for a bet, for fantasy sports, or for an extra large sausage-and-cheese during the game you gotta improvise.

​Yeah, there are apps coming out left and right where you can split a bill electronically, but where the hell is the fun in that? There’s just something better about doing it the old-fashioned way, tossing a twenty in your cap and passing it around the group before you start your poker game. Didn’t put the twenty in the hat, Bill? Well you’re not getting dealt in.

A scally just makes sense there. I mean, what else are you gonna use instead? A sock? A Frisbee? A fuckin’… road cone, I dunno? There’s nothing else. And there never will be anything else like it.

So yeah, get your next collection plate here.

And pass it along, would ya?


The Boston Scally Team

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