My story?

Okay. It was never easy for me. I was born a poor black child. I remember the days, sittin’ on the porch with my family, singin’ and dancin’ down in Mississippi…

Me at Clolrado Chaos 2009_1

HI – I’m Robb ( or Rob or Robin or Robbie depending on who in my family is talking to me ) I’m a 40something gay guy living in Denver with my partner/husband Marck & our four MinPins  – Roxie , Bandit , Red Baron ( R.B. ) and Taz.

I’m a 3rd generation Colorado native with roots going back to Scandinavia and England with a little bit Crow Indian thrown in for good measure ( we think – although my maternal grandfather swore to this , it’s never been proven ).

I’m the oldest of 3 kids. One younger brother and an adopted younger sister.

My entire family lives within in boarders of Colorado , which makes holidays very fun and sometimes eventful ( dittoheads vs Olbermann-ites ).

My first job(s) was delivering papers for the Denver Post and then the Rocky Mountain News.  I’ve also been a lifeguard , swimmimg instructor , bag boy / cashier for King Soopers  ( $3.33/hr ) , and finally United Airlines  where I have spent 25 good, bad, wonderful, frustrating years.  I started at UAL in their Flight Kitchens ( back when we actually supplied our own food ) running the dish machines , finally ending up in Customer Service where I do scheduling of the agents & flights.  UA has allowed me to travel & see some of the world, although I’d like to see even more.

My first car was a 1970 Ford Torino that I paid $200 for.


Although now you can find me behind the wheel of a 2004 VW TDI Beetle ( during bad weather ) or on my 2008 Genuine Buddy Pamplona 150 ( named Silly Fuck – if you’ve ever seen me on it , you’d understand the name ! )

My Scooter at Work


I came out to my family in my early 20’s , went pretty well  …. ( me : ” Mom , I’m gay ” …. mom: ” well , what do you want me to do about it ” …. me: “nothing , just wanted you to know ” …. )  there was a little crying ( me ) and that was the end of it.  My family has been very supportive of me and very welcoming to my boyfriends over the years.

I lost my father in 2001 to Melonoma .

I’m terrible with money.

I’ve had two Mal-Seizures that the Doctors can’t find any reason for.

I was raised Protestant , first Episcopalian then Methodist , but left the “church” during high school & now informally study Taoism


I’ve always had a self-esteem / image problem.

I’m incredibly shy

I love Manhattan’s , Jack & Coke , Gin & Tonic and Red wine




I sometimes think I was born in the wrong era – I love the style , fashion & music of the 50’s & 60’s , but wouldn’t want to give up the technology of today



My favorite authors ( right now ) are Jim Butcher – The Dresdan Series  ,Eric Nylund , Mark Twain , Poe , George R.R. Martin, Richard Jordan and H.P. Lovecraft.

I have 14159 songs in my iTunes library and grows by about 10-20 each month as I discover new artists that I like.

My Favorite movies ?  It’s a toss-up between Pillow Talk & Desk Set …. ( told you I was born to soon ! )

5 thoughts on “UnFabulousMe

  1. Hello! Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your daily Tao meditation. My husband and I have been cultivating the Tao for 4 years, both our kids received within the first year of their life. I love starting my day with your meditation… it is a wonderful lesson/reminder that I love to share with my husband so we can discuss. Looking forward to reading much more!

    Have a peaceful evening…


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