Thoughts on Frozen the Musical


Well, I was able to see the pre-Broadway tryout for Disney’s Frozen the Musical tonight. Here are my initial thoughts as I sit at home and sip a late night bourbon …

Overall I thought the musical was fantastic, Disney has done a superb job translating the story from animated movie to live action theater piece.  Patti Murin and Caissie Levy kill it as Elsa and Anna, with Caissie/Anna being a fantastic physical comedienne.  John Riddle as Hans is such lovable goofball that you forget that he’s the villain of the story until the Act II denouement … the audience literally gasped, as it seemed to come from nowhere ( even though if  you’ve seen the animated movie and you know it’s coming ).  If you have had the chance to see the Disney-park-lite version of Frozen at California Adventure then you’ve already seen Olaf, as he’s come straight over from that version, as a puppet a la Lion King. But the show stealers are Christoph and Sven, Jelani Alladin as Christoph and Andrew Pirozzi  (unrecognizable as Sven) are just a joy to watch. and when Sven tap dances … well … cuteness overload…. The rest of the cast brings their “A” game to the loosely-based Hans Christian Anderson story and Timothy Hughes as the King of the Mountain Folk/quasi narrator “Pabbie” brings a gravitas to his part along with a certain amount of eye-candy … ( you’ll have to wait to see what I mean … lol )

Now for some nit-picks. All-in-all, the first act seemed really rushed. I kind of thought the entire cast might have had to pee they whipped through the story and songs so fast that there was hardly a spot for applause after any of the first act songs.  The Act I closer, Let It Go, really needs another verse ( or two ) as Patti Murin is just getting onto the groove of the song when it just suddenly seems to end.  This being the out of town tryouts there were a few technical glitches in the effects, costumes not flying entirely off stage and having to be retrieved mid-song by the actors and tossed off stage and a missed lighting queue or two, but that’s to be expected.

The second act starts off rather odd, though fun, at Wandering Oakens Trading Post and the song Hygge ( or huug-a as it’s pronounced), with Oaken sounding like a cross  between Tim Conways Mr. Wiggins character and John Sigvard’s “Ole Olson” ( deep cut this ) and the entire cast in a Norwegian/Swedish sauna  doing a “naked”  fan dance with eucalyptus branches.  Again, odd, but rather endearing. This makes the rest of Act II a lot more fun and the cast really seems to come together and the story just flies by, with the ending being kept intact from the film that true-love doesn’t always come from where you expect it.

I’ll be really interested to see how this plays out when it finally reaches Broadway next winter and then eventually comes back to Denver in a few years.  I can imagine a few tweaks will really bring everything into tight focus and Disney will have another Beauty and the Beast on it’s hands … this will run for decades …

oh – and the Denver-centric merchandise is really cool ….


Breathless – A film about the people, the places, and the heart and soul of Denver …

in case you want to know why i live where i do …



A project of Air Ball Creative for TEDxMileHigh. More information at A film about the people, the places, and the heart and soul of Denver. Created in 45 days by two guys with the help of a few friends.

Directed and Produced by: Thaddeus Anderson and Woody Roseland
Poem written by: Ken Arkind
Narrated by: Theo Wilson
Music by: Dexter Britain

Thank you to the following:

BC Serna – Editing Assistant & Camera Operator
Josh Baker – Post Production/Camera Operator
Jeremy Miles – Color Correction/Helicopter Pilot
Brent Joyce – Audio Mixing
Troy Fairbanks – Skateboarder
Caulen Carlyle – Skateboarer
Micah Williams – Bike Rider

Lawrence Argent
Colorado Rockies – Jeff Donehoo
Denver Arts & Venues – Brian Kitts, Rudi Cerri & Jeanette Murrietta
Denver Broncos
Denver Cruisers – Stephen Jones
Denver Nuggets – Amy O’Brien, Tim Gelt
Giant Dancers – Jonathan Borofsky
Hampton Inn and Suites – David Admin
Linger – Peter Gordon
Sports Authority Field at Mile High Grounds Crew
Denver Public Art – Rude Ceri
Denver Botanical Gardens
Denver Beer Co

Edited on an 11″ Macbook Air

Memory Lane –

I ran across an article on BoingBoing over the weekend about Denver in the 60’s & 70’s . Of course there’s the obligitory Blinky referance and more than one mention of Celebrity Sports Center, but what really got stuck in my mind was Cinderella City Mall.  Now I really didn’t go to this mall until I could drive myself ( my family was more of a Buckingham Square sort, or anywhere there was a Montgomery Wards – but thats another post entirely ).



I can remember wandering around the different “malls” or sections of shopping center ,  Rose, Shamrock, Gold and can even remember the neo-gaudy architecture, a cross between Roman and Mad Men. But what stands out the most was CInder Alley. If you were never there let me you draw a quick picture: it was in the basement of the mall , fairly low ceilings, black ( if I remember correctly ) done up to look like London in Dickens time, or some say NYC at night, with quasi gas-light lamps a cobble stone walkway.  When I went there , the mall was already on the decline and CInder Alley was about 5 years ahead of the top floors, so here you had a dark, semi-abandoned theme park walkway with a few candle and poster shops left.  It really creeped me out , but I couldn’t not walk through ….  *sigh* , the good old days. 


Oh – BTW anybody remember this ?



it was a food court before there were food courts …. 

Sunday Morning Musings ….


I need to get out more.

While Marck was sleeping, trying to kick a nasty bout of the flu, my roommate and I decided to run a couple of errands downtown.

After circling the block a few times trying to find parking on a late Saturday afternoon we started strolling up and down Broadway, looking at ( and in ) all of the esoteric shops that have sprung up. We found stores selling consignment mod/mid 60’s-era furniture,  a few hole-in-the-wall bars and restaurants, even a shop that looked like all it sold were glass terrariums and old toys that would have been at home with any kids born in the 50’s.

Jeremy wanted to stop in and see friends at Heaven sent Me & The Crypt ( always introducing me as “the vanilla roommate” and embarrassing the shit out of me in the process … lol ) . Then we decided to grab a slice of pizza at The Walnut Room ( don’t worry – the super-thin crust and feta/artichoke pie didn’t upset my low-carb diet too bad … ) but we had to leave right as the live music was starting because Marck’s take-out was getting cold and Jeremy had plans for a later.  We both remarked that we do have a pretty interesting  city, even in the middle of winter, and that we need to leave the inner suburb of our Lowry neighborhood and get out and explore it more this year.

That is a New Years Resolution that I can live with ….