Britekite – iRovr – Share


Once upon a time there was Britekite. A fun little (local) social media/sharing site that was one of the, if not the best, on the ‘net. Then someone got greedy and sold it and the powers-that-be decided that the best thing for a location-based check-in app was to take away the ability to check in.  R.I.P. Britekite.      Enter iRovr and drama.I quickly left iRovr for a myriad of reasons, not the least being that I didn’t really enjoy interacting with the community that formed there.

But  a couple of days ago a friend invited me to try Share. Share? Yes Share. I’d never heard of it I told him, it’s the old iRovr he said. I patiently explained all of my reservations about iRovr, chiefly that supposedly “private” streams were hardly anything but and was told that this was new and improved. Much better. So I joined.
I should have realized that things wouldn’t go smoothly when the helpful intro screen said ( I paraphrase) “welcome, things are going to seem pretty confusing at first, but give it some time”. This “app” is a mess. There is no logical rhyme or reason to how things are laid out. It takes 4-5 screens or button pushes to get to a comment screen after you receive a notification. When grumbling about this in-app you get “just start pushing buttons, it’ll all make sense after a while”. Well it shouldn’t have “make sense” after a while. While I’m no dope and I can figure out pretty much anything, I don’t really have the time or inclination to waste figuring out this thread or where that comment is. There are too many other social-networking sites that are a breeze to use, super intuitive and have great built-in communities. If you can’t make one that that’s going to be different ( in a good way ) why bother. Just because everyone from an old service gravitated to this one doesn’t make it good, sheep people.
The old Britekite magic was there for the taking, sadly you missed the brass ring and came up with a handful of air …