after a week where I turned 50 and got engaged ( I love you Marck ) , I decided to celebrate with a cigar. Now my roommate ( asshole , but another story ) got me interested in cigars and told me that this was a great cigar for a novice. So I Decided to relax with with and Acid Kuba this evening… I really enjoyed it ,sweet, but flavorful … now my cigar store – Cigars on Sixth also recommended an Epernay, so I’ll try that next … this could be a new vice for me …




Daily Tao / 073 – Affirmation

73 - Affirmation

Stand at the precipice,
That existential darkness,
And call into the void :
It will surely answer.

The precipice represents our dilemma as human beings, the sense that this existence is all too random, all too absurd. Is there order? Is there a force directing things? These are the important issues, so important that we cannot rely on scripture, but must instead explore on our own.

The followers of Tao compare the void to a valley. A valley is void, yet it is productive and positive. The emptiness of the valley permits water to accumulate for plants. It allows life-giving sunlight to flood its surface. Its openness gives comfort to people and animals alike. The void should not be frightening. Rather, it contains all possibilities. Peer into it, call out, not just with your voice, but with your whole being. If your cry is deep and sincere, an echo is sure to return. This is the affirmation of our existence, the affirmation that we are on the right path. With that encouragement, we can continue our lives and our explorations. Then the void is not frightening, but a constant companion.