Has Steven Moffat made Doctor Who too complex for viewers?


Warning – this may contain mild spoilers about the Doctor Who Christmas special 2013. Steven Moffat has left his mark on Doctor Who, bringing us memorable villains like the Weeping Angels, detailed characters including River Song and, along with Matt Smith, he’s created a fantastic 11th Doctor. But has he made the show too complex for viewers?

Oh yes, he has

One of Moffat’s trademarks is fiendish plays on the non-linearity of time. Events intersect and fold over on each other (The Big Bang, among others). Time moves at different speeds in different streams (The Girl Who Waited).

Disrupting a fixed point causes all of time to occur concurrently (The Wedding of River Song). The Doctor and River experience events in opposite directions – the first time he meets her is at her death (SIlence in the Library/Forest of the Dead). It can be tough to follow.

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