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  1. Alex Forcina

    Hey Scootrmonkey,

    I am a subscriber to you 365Tao posts and get emails daily. I want to congratulate on a wonderful job. I get my posts at 11:00 AM Daily and marvel at the wonderful and photographs that accent well the daily readings. Where do you get these photos?

    In addition, I would like to know if I can filter the other posts you’ve been sending throughout the days. The ones that give your locations in your daily rounds in and about the Denver International Airport.

    Good Luck to you and Thank You for bringing the 365Tao to my desktop.




    1. thanks – all pictures i use i find off the ‘net ( i try to find pictures that mesh with the daily meditation ) all pics I use I believe are open for use and if I do come across a picture that has a credit on it I try and add that credit to the picture description to give that photographer credit. I’m not sure about filtering the Path/Foursquare check-in’s though. If they prove to be too intrusive I can always stop the auto-posting


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