Daily Tao / 110 – Invocation


Invocation becomes declaration;
Worship becomes recognition.
When blessings mature,
One glimpses the source.

When one is young in Tao, all practices begin as external procedures. Sometimes, it is difficult to understand their significance — we don’t know what to expect. This is proper : Not daring to interfere with growth and discovery, those who follow Tao hesitate to go beyond technical instruction.

Take worship, for example. At first, an invocation is something external. You repeat it, but really, it means very little. You kneel down at the altar because you need something on which to focus. Once you realize that the true Tao is to be found within yourself, you shift your attention. Then worship becomes recognition. Your own spirit arises, and you learn to tap into it on your own. If someone had told you what to look for, you might never be sure of your experiences. What comes from outer suggestion is not the true Tao.

Glimpsing the source leaves no doubts.

One thought on “Daily Tao / 110 – Invocation

  1. So very true. My husband and I have recently transitioned from student to teacher in our Tao Arena. Having introduced new members that have received, we are now asked to help with their journey and their teachings. Going through my notes from years past, I’m surprised of what I wrote down. While taking notes, you take down what seems important to you. What was important in my lessons at that time is just so different from what I take from my lessons now. My notes have become personal interpretations. This has helped me view my own journey. It is a wonderful progression.

    Have a peaceful day!


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