One Year ( and counting )

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a year ago today, through the perseverance of my husband Marcksomething happened that i thought would never happen again in my life … we moved into our dream home. the first year has flown by, there’s been some ups and some downs but we have worked hard to make this our home, a home that we are proud of and that all are welcome in … i couldn’t be happier – i love you so much Marck !!

Into the Woods


Finally was able to see Into the Woods today ( superb adaptation btw – including Johnny Depp’s Wolf ). But almost a week after it’s release you’d think parents would have researched the flick and not storm out halfway through the PROLOUGE in a huff because it’s a singing/grownup movie with the Disney name attached …

Breathless – A film about the people, the places, and the heart and soul of Denver …

in case you want to know why i live where i do …



A project of Air Ball Creative for TEDxMileHigh. More information at A film about the people, the places, and the heart and soul of Denver. Created in 45 days by two guys with the help of a few friends.

Directed and Produced by: Thaddeus Anderson and Woody Roseland
Poem written by: Ken Arkind
Narrated by: Theo Wilson
Music by: Dexter Britain

Thank you to the following:

BC Serna – Editing Assistant & Camera Operator
Josh Baker – Post Production/Camera Operator
Jeremy Miles – Color Correction/Helicopter Pilot
Brent Joyce – Audio Mixing
Troy Fairbanks – Skateboarder
Caulen Carlyle – Skateboarer
Micah Williams – Bike Rider

Lawrence Argent
Colorado Rockies – Jeff Donehoo
Denver Arts & Venues – Brian Kitts, Rudi Cerri & Jeanette Murrietta
Denver Broncos
Denver Cruisers – Stephen Jones
Denver Nuggets – Amy O’Brien, Tim Gelt
Giant Dancers – Jonathan Borofsky
Hampton Inn and Suites – David Admin
Linger – Peter Gordon
Sports Authority Field at Mile High Grounds Crew
Denver Public Art – Rude Ceri
Denver Botanical Gardens
Denver Beer Co

Edited on an 11″ Macbook Air