Sunday Morning Musings ….


I need to get out more.

While Marck was sleeping, trying to kick a nasty bout of the flu, my roommate and I decided to run a couple of errands downtown.

After circling the block a few times trying to find parking on a late Saturday afternoon we started strolling up and down Broadway, looking at ( and in ) all of the esoteric shops that have sprung up. We found stores selling consignment mod/mid 60’s-era furniture,  a few hole-in-the-wall bars and restaurants, even a shop that looked like all it sold were glass terrariums and old toys that would have been at home with any kids born in the 50’s.

Jeremy wanted to stop in and see friends at Heaven sent Me & The Crypt ( always introducing me as “the vanilla roommate” and embarrassing the shit out of me in the process … lol ) . Then we decided to grab a slice of pizza at The Walnut Room ( don’t worry – the super-thin crust and feta/artichoke pie didn’t upset my low-carb diet too bad … ) but we had to leave right as the live music was starting because Marck’s take-out was getting cold and Jeremy had plans for a later.  We both remarked that we do have a pretty interesting  city, even in the middle of winter, and that we need to leave the inner suburb of our Lowry neighborhood and get out and explore it more this year.

That is a New Years Resolution that I can live with ….


Daily Tao / 006 – Emerging

Seedling Emerging From Mound of Earth

Thunder and rain at night.
Growth comes with a shock.
Expression and duration
Appear in the first moment.

Things cannot remain in stillness forever. Winter storms may destroy some things, but they also prepare the way for life. If things are swept away, it is appropriate. There must be an opportunity for new living things to emerge and begin their own cycle.All growth comes with a shock. When a sprout breaks its casing and forces its way to the surface of the earth, it is the climax to a long and deep accumulation of life force. We may think that it came up suddenly, but in actuality, it emerged as the product of unseen and subtle cycles.

When the seedling appears, it carries with it the complete pattern for its growth, perhaps even the makings of an enormous tree. Although time and the right conditions are necessary, neither of those factors adds anything to the inherent nature of the seedling. It completely embodies its destiny. Therefore, the growth and character of the plant — and its very life — are all present at the moment of emerging.