My UnFabulous Life –


so – been having trouble with my MacBook. Very strange, as Apple products very rarely have issues. But mine has been crashing constantly … After a rough start at the Apple Store, come to find out my hard drive was bad and the topper – it hasn’t been backing-up to Time Machine , so all info is lost.

But my philosophy : life gives you lemons, make lemon-drop martini’s … I’ll have a “new” laptop for the New Year !!

My UnFabulous Gym Life –

Friday Cardio –

Small HIIT :

Cross Trainer

Distance: 3.18 mi
Time: 00:37:00
Cals Burned: 401
Avg. Heart Rate: 144 bpm


Small Fat Burner :

Elliptical Machine

Distance: 1.51 mi
Time: 00:20:00
Cals Burned: 189
Avg. Heart Rate: 141 bpm


Small Calves can’t take this after an hour of the two previous …

Stair Climber

Distance: 1 mi
Time: 00:05:00
Cals Burned: 50


Daily Tao / 011 – Healing


Fire cools.
Water seeks its own level.

No matter how extreme a situation is, it will change. It cannot continue forever. Thus, a great forest fire is always destined to burn itself out; a turbulent sea will become calmer. Natural events balance themselves out by seeking their opposites, and this process of balance is at the heart of all healing.

This process takes time. If an event is not great, the balancing required is slight. If it is momentous, then it may take days, years, even lifetimes for things to return to an even keel. Actually, without these slight imbalances, there could be no movement in life. It is being off balance that keeps life changing. Total centering, total balance would only be stasis. All life is continual destruction and healing, over and over again.

That is why, even in the midst of an extreme situation, the wise are patient. Whether the situation is illness, calamity, or their own anger, they know that healing will follow upheaval.