Fast and Meh –



After hearing how Fast and Furious 6 had made like 300 bazillion dollars and was the best movie of , like , ever , I decided to try and  mainline the first 5 movies before i went to see this entry ( since i’d never seen them before ).

Not being a car-guy ( i can barely find the gas cap  and publicly ridicule NASCAR ) i admit I went into this with a semi-open mind and wide open wallet , since i had to rent these from iTunes …

I made it through The Fast and The Furious ok , nothing to write home about i thought ….

2 Fast and 2 Furious – ummmm …. swap Miami for L.A. and call it a day ( minus Vin Diesel )

The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift – that’s where this story ends …. half way through this “sequel” where none of the characters are the same & the story is about some 30 year-old high school git learning not to run into guardrails , i lost all interest and gave up ….

This series could be the Citizen Kane of car movies , but I couldn’t care less.

now if i can just remember which side my gas cap is on when i fill up tomorrow ….

Daily Tao / 150 – Mercy


Uphold precepts, but be merciful.
Gradually absorb, until there is no need for law.
Gain wisdom beyond right and wrong.

There was a young priest who returned to the community of his birth. Instead of the neighborhood he knew as a boy, the community was now predominantly homosexual. He was uncertain : On one hand, he had to serve the people. On the other hand, his sect forbade homosexuality and condemned it as a grave wrong. It would seem that whatever he did, he would be a hypocrite. He eventually decided to accept all who came to him but still uphold the doctrines of his sect. He saw his most important duty as mercy, and so he was able to help others without truly violating his precepts. When there are contradictions between beliefs, one must resolve them in favor of what one judges to be the higher principle.

We should not sell our ideals short for the sake of expediency or selfishness. Following a particular spiritual tradition means a full commitment to its rules in order to gain the essence of that tradition. But we cannot afford to be dogmatic. Human law is imperfect : There will always be unprecedented circumstances. Thus, we must go beyond rules and operate instead from pure wisdom. We must act with experience, flexibility, and insight. Let us so absorb integrity — experiencing both its triumphs and defeats — that we do the right thing intuitively.

Tradition is first. Mercy is greater than tradition. Wisdom is greater than mercy.