Fast and Meh –



After hearing how Fast and Furious 6 had made like 300 bazillion dollars and was the best movie of , like , ever , I decided to try and  mainline the first 5 movies before i went to see this entry ( since i’d never seen them before ).

Not being a car-guy ( i can barely find the gas cap  and publicly ridicule NASCAR ) i admit I went into this with a semi-open mind and wide open wallet , since i had to rent these from iTunes …

I made it through The Fast and The Furious ok , nothing to write home about i thought ….

2 Fast and 2 Furious – ummmm …. swap Miami for L.A. and call it a day ( minus Vin Diesel )

The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift – that’s where this story ends …. half way through this “sequel” where none of the characters are the same & the story is about some 30 year-old high school git learning not to run into guardrails , i lost all interest and gave up ….

This series could be the Citizen Kane of car movies , but I couldn’t care less.

now if i can just remember which side my gas cap is on when i fill up tomorrow ….

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