Daily Tao / 234 – Spider


Mind in the center
Radiates to eight legs,
Creating a supreme web

To sift Tao.

A spider is a perfect creature of Tao. Its body is an elegant expression of
its mind : It spins beautiful threads, and its legs are exactly suited to create
and walk its web. From its center, a spider radiates its world out with a
spare economy.

A spider’s posture in regard to Tao is to set up a pattern. Its mind
determines this pattern. It realizes the flow of Tao and does nothing to
interfere with it. It simply creates its pattern and waits for Tao to bring it
sustenance. That which comes to it, it accepts. That which does not come
to it is not its concern.

Once its web is established, a spider does not think of expanding
unnaturally. It does not make war upon its neighbors, it does not go for
adventures in other countries, it does not try to fly to the moon, it does not
build factories, it does not try to enslave others, it does not try to be
intellectual. It is simply who it is and is content with that.