First Thoughts –

on American Horror Story: Coven 


the fun seems back after last seasons mix of dour/bizarre ..

Jamie Brewer as Nan : she just brings a smile to my face, and seeing her and Jessica Lange back together is great

kinda digging the whole Mean Girls – meets – The Craft vibe of the students introduction

Francis Conroy as Hagrid by the way of Effie trinket

Kathy Bates – ’nuff said

the totally throw away you-knew-they-were-going-to-use-it-but-when line ” Don’t make me drop a house on you…”


finally – i was wondering how they were going to reconcile the whole 1800’s vs present day thing ….. didn’t see that coming –

… i’m gonna have to watch the premier again to get the whole story.  I’m sure I’ve missed a lot this first time, but I’m looking forward to another fun/scary season !

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