mini review –

Looking – HBO



not really sure where the negative reviews are coming from, i had heard that HBO’s Looking was slow and boring.  I actually found it moved pretty well. I was interested in the 3 friends and their lives and actually found myself identifying with them as the pilot went on.  I”m looking forward ( pun intended ) to future episodes to see where the series leads us …

First Thoughts –

on American Horror Story: Coven 


the fun seems back after last seasons mix of dour/bizarre ..

Jamie Brewer as Nan : she just brings a smile to my face, and seeing her and Jessica Lange back together is great

kinda digging the whole Mean Girls – meets – The Craft vibe of the students introduction

Francis Conroy as Hagrid by the way of Effie trinket

Kathy Bates – ’nuff said

the totally throw away you-knew-they-were-going-to-use-it-but-when line ” Don’t make me drop a house on you…”


finally – i was wondering how they were going to reconcile the whole 1800’s vs present day thing ….. didn’t see that coming –

… i’m gonna have to watch the premier again to get the whole story.  I’m sure I’ve missed a lot this first time, but I’m looking forward to another fun/scary season !

The Walking Dread –


My thoughts on season 2 of The Walking Dead.

Admittedly  I’m not a huge fan this show ( hence being a season behind on viewing ) but it’s hard for me to enjoy a show where all the characters are just so unlikeable.  From Andrea’s ( Lori Holden ) constant whining for a gun, then the moment she gets her hands on one she shoots one of her companions.  To Carl ( Chandler Riggs ) an 11 year old brat who refuses to listen to any adult on the show and eventually causes the death of another.

None of the characters show any common sense and I find myself more often than not rooting for the zombies. I suppose I will end up watching season 3 when it eventually shows up on Netflix , but that will be next summer when I’ve run out of other tv options ….