Daily Tao / 39 – Worry


Worry is an addiction
That interferes with compassion.

Worry is a problem that seems to be rampant. Perhaps it is due to the nature of our overly advanced civilization; perhaps it is a measure of our own spiritual degeneracy. Whatever the source, it is clear that worry is not useful. It is a cancer of the emotions — concern gone compulsive. It eats away at body and mind.

It does no good to say, “Don’t think about it.” You’ll only worry more. It is far better to keep walking your path, changing what you can. The rest must be dissolved in compassion. In this world of infants with immune deficiencies, racial injustice, economic imbalance, personal violence, and international conflict, it is impossible to address everyone’s concerns. Taking care of yourself and doing something good for those whom you meet is enough. That is compassion, and we must exercise it even in the face of the overwhelming odds.

Whenever you meet a problem, help if it is in your power to do so. After you have acted, withdraw and be unconcerned about it. Walk on without ever mentioning it to anybody. Then there is no worry, because there has been action.

One thought on “Daily Tao / 39 – Worry

  1. In the Stillness of Willow Hill

    Yes, our media brings the plight of so many of the world’s sufferers to us daily…..it’s easy to be consumed with guilt for not doing enough. But as you say, it is enough to care for those who drift into our world with needs, and then….to be thankful for being allowed to play a small part in dosing them with love,whether financial, spiritual, material……


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