10 Delicious 14th Century Meals That We Should Bring Back

Thought Catalog



When we hear of deep fried Oreos and deep fried cereal and deep fried Snickers bars at the state fair we think, wow, that sounds incredibly unhealthy but also kind of innovative and delicious. Shockingly there were fried treat pioneers back in the day, making beer battered sliced apples, covered in powdered sugar. I don’t think you heard me, I said BEER BATTERED SLICED APPLES COVERED IN POWDERED SUGAR. That puts any modern fried goodies to shame and it has apples so you can feel like you’re being as healthy as possible, in terms of eating garbage.

Peeres in Confyt

WINE LOVERS TAKE NOTICE. Here are the 4 simple steps:
1. Peel a pear.
2. Soak the pair in water & wine.
3. Make syrup out of sugar, ginger and wine.
4. Cover the pear in the aforementioned syrup and try not to make too much noise while…

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