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Life Lessons w/ Boston Scally

​In Boston, everybody’s got a scally. Your uncle has a scally. Your coworkers have a scally. Your buddy Fitz who can’t hold down a job has a scally. The scally cap is Boston’s hat. As a true-blooded Bostonian, I’ve been a fan of this style of hat my whole life. Of course it just made sense that somebody in Boston would’ve had already made the leap: Be a Bostonian designin’ Boston’s favorite hat for other Bostonians.

It’s so simple you just could overlook it.

Back in 2013, I asked around to see if I could find an official Boston city scally cap for myself. And sure enough: There wasn’t one.

Not a single damn authentic hat in the entire city created by other Bostonians. There were some fancy alternatives, some that cost in the hundred-dollar range. That didn’t seem working class to me… to make something a man couldn’t feel right buying for himself. So, I made my own company.

That’s the story. I started Boston Scally because I wanted it to already exist. We made hats until we found one that both looked great and perfectly represented the city’s attitude. I started selling soon after and I learned how other blue-collar folks around the country felt a sort of camaraderie with the look. We expanded.

Ever since then, Boston Scally has found its rightful place as the hat of the city and has since brought a little of that scrappy, sarcastic vibe to whoever else wants to show off their “pull no punches” side. We’ve gone worldwide, and just like the rest of Boston, we have no intention of stopping any time soon.

So if there is a lesson here, it’s that you shouldn’t assume. You should really ask questions instead. At the worst, you might get an answer you don’t like. At the best, you might get a sweet ass hat out of the deal.


The Boston Scally Team

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