Chia Seed Benefits: 10 Reasons To Add Chia To Your Diet

I have recently discovered Chia Seeds and am really enjoying learning about the benefits of including them in a healthy diet :

Ch-ch-ch-chia! The fuzzy green novelty items may be the first thing you think of when you hear the word chia, but these tiny superfood seeds are the reason Chia Pets get their lush coating. Nowadays, chia is becoming better known as a great source of healthy omega-3 fats and fibre, and fortunately it’s an easy food to add to your diet.

Chia seeds come from a flowering plant in the mint family that’s native to Mexico and Guatemala, and history suggests it was a very important food crop for the Aztecs. It’s remained in regular use in its native countries, but was largely unknown in North America until researcher Wayne Coates began studying chia as an alternative crop for farmers in northern Argentina about 29 years ago…


Chia Seed Benefits: 10 Reasons To Add Chia To Your Diet.

My UnFabulous Gym Life –

Friday Cardio –

Small HIIT :

Cross Trainer

Distance: 3.18 mi
Time: 00:37:00
Cals Burned: 401
Avg. Heart Rate: 144 bpm


Small Fat Burner :

Elliptical Machine

Distance: 1.51 mi
Time: 00:20:00
Cals Burned: 189
Avg. Heart Rate: 141 bpm


Small Calves can’t take this after an hour of the two previous …

Stair Climber

Distance: 1 mi
Time: 00:05:00
Cals Burned: 50


First Cardio day …

Precor-AMT-835 Precor-AMT-835-console


did my first day of cardio-only as recommended by my trainer.  1 hour-ish ( a bit longer i think ),  did about 30 minutes of HIIT cardio using Cardio Coach ( R.I.P. Sean O’Malley ) , then another 40 of just fat-burn … wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be (even with a migraine) the time went fast and burned about 600 calories.

Have found out that according to my body type ( endomorph ) that I really need to watch what I eat and do cardio.  Unlike my roommate who can eat anything put in front of him and just lift …

Hopefully by March I’ll be down to my fighting weight and can then concentrate on putting size back on …