First Cardio day …

Precor-AMT-835 Precor-AMT-835-console


did my first day of cardio-only as recommended by my trainer.  1 hour-ish ( a bit longer i think ),  did about 30 minutes of HIIT cardio using Cardio Coach ( R.I.P. Sean O’Malley ) , then another 40 of just fat-burn … wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be (even with a migraine) the time went fast and burned about 600 calories.

Have found out that according to my body type ( endomorph ) that I really need to watch what I eat and do cardio.  Unlike my roommate who can eat anything put in front of him and just lift …

Hopefully by March I’ll be down to my fighting weight and can then concentrate on putting size back on …

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